That’s Uncle Ryan To You

At 1am on 18 May 2011, my sister completed her acquisition of a beautiful little eating, drinking and pooping machine and she decided to name it Cassidy May. I finally got to meet my little niece over the weekend and needless to say she had me hooked around her little finger almost instantly (not as bad as dad though…).

The doting uncle and his little niece

It’s hard living so far away so I thought I should write a story for little Cassidy, something to remind her of Auntie and Uncle all the way up in Newcastle, something that is good enough to be her first choice for bedtime stories for years to come.  Writing children’s stories is much harder than just writing, particularly when my best writing is violent fantasy. I’ve tried to go a bit more traditional here, each line will represent one page which means I’m probably going to have to find someone to help illustrate it once I have finished writing.

Any good artists out there want to help out?

Below is a taste of what I have written so far… if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

The Princess and the Gnome

Once upon a time in a castle far far away,

There lived a young princess named Cassidy May.

Princess Cassidy loved to play.

She loved to play in her bedroom,

She loved to play in the bathtub,

But most of all she loved to play in her garden.


Princess Cassidy went outside to play but something was wrong,

“I don’t think the garden likes me anymore” said Princess Cassidy.

The plants in her garden were losing their colour.


“Your Highness we are just so thirsty,” said Mr Gnome.

“We haven’t had anything to drink in days.”

This was no good at all thought Princess Cassidy.


Ok I think I have given you enough information to figure out where this story is going. Let me know what you think of the work in progress and if you have any hints, tips, thoughts etc. just leave a comment below.


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