Give Blood, Save Lives.

Last week our workplace held the first ever blood challenge, a competition between the Wedgetail operators and Wedgetail engineering and logistics support.

Click on the picture to see a video

The initiative, brain child of my workmate Sam Hayes, was a resounding success with seven new donors giving blood for the first time and another 30 people from our workplace also giving blood. To put that into perspective, the Red Cross Australia aim to get five new donors every seven days across the entire country, and our localised workplace managed to get seven new donors over the course of three days.

This was a great team building exercise, one that everyone can be proud of as every blood donation will save up to three lives. If you think this might be a good idea for your workplace, give the Red Cross a call (Australia: 13 14 95) and see if they can send the donor mobile out your way for a day or two. You can also visit their website at


2 comments on “Give Blood, Save Lives.

  1. The guy in the picture looks like he’s about to pass-out – do you know if he’s afraid of needles?

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