Highway Patrol

Have you ever wondered whats in the back of those unmarked semi-trailers when you are driving along the highway? Most semi-trailers are covered with brand names and pictures as truck driving is an excellent medium for advertisting a range of different things to a bunch of different people. So when I see an unmarked semi-trailer, I naturally get suspicious.

Why are you trying to be so discrete Mr Truck? Why aren’t you drawing attention to yourself? What are you trying to hide?

Drugs? Maybe. People with expired visa’s? Possibly. Jason Statham trying to keep his heart going with a car battery? More likely than you would think (I’ve seen movies, Statham does some pretty badass stuff in the back of unmarked semi-trailers).

Mr Truck, I have no idea what secrets you hold deep down inside of you. To be honest I dont really want to know. It’s much more fun trying to come up with highly outlandish possibilities… And it makes the car trip go much faster than playing another game of “I went to the markets and I bought…”