Quality Vs Quantity

Sitting here by myself at Newcastle airport has really got me thinking. How do they do it? Those people who manage a full time job, kids, writing, and social media commitments. How do they manage to write blog post after blog post every single day? Are the sacrificing quality to get their name out there every single day or do really have that much to talk about? Do I have that much to talk about? I sure hope so.

Recently I have been a lazy blogger, not able to keep my own promise to post at least once a week, but any more than one a week seems like a pipe dream to me. I cant seem to find time in the day to write a post, and when I do find that time I usually use it for computer games or reading. Can anyone please lend me some motivation?

To be honest, I think I am putting too much thought into my posts rather than just spewing forth the drivel that occupies my mind. Often reaching for that 1000 word goal when I really do not have 1000 words worth of material to write about. In short, my blog posts feel like work rather than an escape, and I think that is why I lack the motivation to maintain a healthy rate of posts.

I need to make this part of my life much more about fun. It still needs to be somewhat interesting for you the reader, but that is assuming my posts are actually interesting and like reading what I have to say.

Anyway the aircraft has arrived, the boarding call has sounded, so I must fly (damn I’m funny). If you have read this post all the way to the end, I will assume you find my posts very interesting having had a profound impact on the way you live your life. Peace out y’all


3 comments on “Quality Vs Quantity

  1. John Locke, who is known for spewing out 7k words a day on his dime novels, actually advocates for writing fewer, more powerful blog posts. I am more active on twitter myself, so I do let my favorite post sit on the top of my blog for long stretches of time. Is that the best idea? Not sure, but I wish you well.

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