Jerry clenched his whole body, wincing as each line propagated along the glass. The piercing sound turned him inside out, the slow growing cracks emitting sharp crunchs and crackles as they snaked their way towards the edges. He opened his eyes. A thousand faces stared back at him from a thousand different shards. Angular, misshapen, his own.

Jerry no longer knew what to believe. When he tripped on the bath mat this morning and went tumbling into the vanity mirror, he cursed his clumsy feet. When he shattered the ceiling mirror with a flying fork after Tabetha pounced on him from atop the fridge, he blamed coincidence. But this time, having just fastened his seatbelt, a single glance into his rear vision mirror was all it took. His luck wasn’t even trying anymore.

He shifted into reverse, released the clutch, gunned the accelerator, and crashed into the paint stand he had only erected last night. Today was going to be a bad day.



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