How Time Flies – Linkin Park

There are only a handful of bands where I know the lyrics to every song on every album. Linkin Park is one of them, and coming soon is their latest studio album with the new single Burn It Down. I love this song, and the video clip (below) is awesome:

For me, it is amazing to see just how much these guys have changed over the years, and how much these changes have paralleled my own life. From angsty teenagers with angsty music to somewhat mature adults with somewhat mature tastes. Below is the video for the first single off their debut album – One Step Closer (2000). So much has changed in twelve years, so its great to see where it all started.

What do you think of the differences? What is your favourite Linkin Park song? Let me know or post some YouTube links in the comments below.

Next post I will look at The Offspring


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