My Books

This is a page to keep track of the stories I have out and the new stories I am working on. If you have any suggestions for different projects, please let me know.

Light Save Us:

It has been months since Ted last saw the Sun. Hideous beasts lurk in the darkness outside the compound, waiting for the lights to fail. Ted works hard to keep the lights running, but the longer he fights, the more inviting the darkness becomes.

You can find it now as part of the Fading Light anthology edited by Tim Marquitz.

Break Free

Coleman Penitentiary is a floating fortress,  home to some of the most vile and vicious sorcerers to have walked the Earth. Escape from Coleman is said to be impossible, but breaking in… that’s a completely different story. Armed with just a few bags of Essence, Max is about to embark on a dangerous mission to release his father from his wrongful imprisonment. Nothing is impossible.

Break Free will be published in September 2013 as part of the UF: Manifesto anthology edited by Tim Marquitz.

A Royal Wedding:

It’s the happiest day of Jane’s life – she is about to marry her Prince Charming. The Goblin King has sent a special wedding gift for the happy couple – five berserkers with a taste for human blood. Jane is not impressed.


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